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MeLa RF05 Book: Representing Museum Technologies

The volume provides an encapsulation of contemporary practice and practice-based research in the field related to the use of technologies in the context of museums and cultural institutions. Through the selection and the presentation of case studies, the discussion of best practice and results, as well as a set of novel analyses and visualisation techniques, the work reflects museum practice through technology back on itself.

Examinations include chapters covering cases related to Technology, Spaces, Content and Sociality.
These topics are constituted through an inclusive definition of the technological that treats the museum as an always-already mediatised and networked confluence of representations. The final section of the volume, Visualisation of Cross-Field Research Data, reflects on the process and consequences of researching museum practice through a set of data-driven algorithm-derived data visualisation of case-study parameters and descriptions. Illustrations and imagery from internally exhibitions and presentations further communicate the examples and cases presented in the book.The use of technologies in the context of museums and cultural institutions is a topic that helps bring a focus to the myriad of representational, interactive and informational forms these milieux allow. Combined with developments in the public take-up of mobile technologies and networked media and communications, technologies used in representing and producing culture cause us to re-imagine and reinvent the role of cultural institutions in a technological society.
This case study sourcebook is a snapshot, a distillation of contemporary practices by museums and cultural institutions, along with commentary, critique and best practice reflections developed by the interdisciplinary team of researchers contributing to the MeLa Research Field 05.

Edited by Jamie Allen and Eleonora Lupo, the book collects essays by: Jamie Allen, Eleonora Lupo,

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Davide Spallazzo, David Gauthier, Raffaella Trocchianesi and Marcin Ignac.

The book is available as open-access publication on the MeLa website:


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