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“Young Mediterranean Citizens”: A Workshop and a Questionnaire to Investigate the Lifestyle, Ideas and Expectations of People Living in the Mediterranean

20-22 May 2015


L’Atelier des Jeunes Citoyens de la Méditerranée (Young Mediterranean Citizens workshop – AJCM) launched a survey to better understand the lifestyle, opinions and expectations of young people living around the Mediterranean: young students and trainees, as well as men and women under 25 and young workers.

During periods of complexity, it is vital to develop close-knit ties between Mediterranean youth and to encourage initiative-taking through concrete action.
From May 20th to May 22nd 2015, an annual event known as the “Le Printemps Des Lycéens et Apprentis” (Springtime of High-School Students and Trainees), will welcome thousands of young people from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and the territories of cooperation. For the occasion, 70 youngsters from around the Mediterranean belonging to the Regional Youth Council and from four Aix-Marseille and Nice (Aix en Provence / Marseille / Saint Maximin / and Toulon) schools will meet to continue work started last year on a Declaration of Young Mediterranean Citizens. The goal being to build proposals to improve both image and relationship with young Mediterraneans.

Run by the “Les Têtes de l’Art” association, located in Marseille and in partnership with the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regional council, 70 young students will work on a big “data-collection” project from all the countries involved in this survey. For this, the promoters need to better understand the lifestyle, opinions and expectations of young people living around the Mediterranean, in order that the young ambassadors gathering in the annual event could make relevant and concrete proposals; the input of hundreds of young Mediterraneans is essential for the success of this project.

The questionnaire is completely anonymous; no personal information on the identity of participants will be kept. Prepared by young people for young people, data-processing is guaranteed by an NGO with the clearly defined objective of gaining a deeper understanding of the real life of students and young people around the Mediterranean and to make specific suggestions to improve matters. No commercial use will be made of data.
Finally, the survey is short and simple. There are no right or wrong answers, only your point of view and your opinions count. It only takes a few minutes.




For further information, please visit Young Mediterranean Citizens workshop website:

AJCM2015 website

Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly | Founding Charter

Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly | Second Meeting


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