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“Gli Italiani dell’altrove:” A Symposium to Debate about Migrating Identities (Rome, Italy | 18-19 May 2015)


The Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo Italiani (Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism – MiBACT) is organising a conference focusing on the intangible cultural heritage of Linguistic Minorities living in Italy.

Twelve Historical Linguistic Minorities—or not Italian-speaking cultures—, are officially acknowledged to live in Italy. They have been variously located and integrated in the national territory, becoming an essential part of the Italian overall identity.
“Gli Italiani dell’Altrove” project aims to contribute to highlight the historical and contemporary reality of Linguistic Minorities in Italy. In particular, it intend to stress the experience of welcoming and social integration, but also the preservation of identity, in history, not to mention immigration and acceptance are currently questions of topical interest in the country. Many of these communities maintain strong connections with their place of origin, in some cases also facilitated by geographical proximity, and they still possess their own language, culture, and traditions.

The project started in 2012 with a survey about a minority group known as the Arbëreshë (Italian-Albanian people). The Croatian community settled in Molise and the Occitan, instead, were the focus of the study in 2013. The core of 2015 symposium will be Slovenes (18 May) and people native of Friuli (19 May).

The historical and ethno-anthropological implications of the intangible cultural heritage of Linguistic Minorities will be debated, along with the policies and legislative instruments suitable to to ensure the protection and recognition of these groups.
Readings, musical performances and traditional dancing, storytelling, food and wine tastings will be part of the programme.

Keynote speakers:
Ambassador Iztok Miroši, Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Italy
On.Tamara Blažina, Deputy of the Italian Republic
Antonia Pasqua Recchia, MiBACT Secretary General
Maura Picciau, Director of Istituto Centrale per la Demoetnoantropologia
Lorenzo Fabbro, ARLeF Chairman

Istituto Centrale per la Demoetnoantropologia
Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari
“Diego Carpitella” Lecture Hall
Rome | 18-19 May 2015


For further information, please visit:

MiBACT webpage

Press Release and Programme (Italian)


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