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Ignacio Evangelista and “Transvisiones 15:” Representing “The Line on the Map” and Investigating Borders (Centro de Arte de Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain 2 | June – 4 July 2015)

Transvisiones 15 is a group exhibition currently on-going in Centro de Arte de Alcobendas, showing photographs shot by Yuri Tuma, Carlos Ivan Hernandez, Maricel Delgado, Julio Galeote, Ignacio Evangelista, and Andrés Pachón during periods of work in various locations as artists in residence.

Transvisiones is a creative project based on the sharing of visual experiences that aim to generate new platforms for visibility, discussion and criticism about photography. It consists of six residency programmes for artists held simultaneously in various international destinations and in the city of Alcobendas. The Centro de Arte de Alcobendas (CAA) is the promoter of the initiative.
In this first edition, the project focuses on a geographical area that is experiencing a time of economic, social and cultural transformation, offering unquestionable opportunities for both Spanish artists and the creative scene gravitating around the CCA. In particular, the international locations involved in the exchange are: Art Center South Florida, Miami; Instituto Sonorense de Cultura, Hermosillo, México; Centro de la Imagen de Lima, Perú.

The residences began in mid-March and end in June 2015. In the last month of residence CAA will host a meeting of all the artists, during which different cultural activities proposed by the participants will be developed in a collective project. The range of activities proposed includes workshops, screenings, debates, etc. The programme culminates in the opening of the exhibition at the CAA, showing the creative process and results that have been achieved in Transvisiones 2015 residences. The event also coincides with Photoespaña 2015 festival.
CAA have been hosting for three months Yuri Tuma (Miami, USA), Carlos Ivan Hernandez (Hermosillo, Mexico) and Maricel Delgado (Lima, Peru). In addition, Julio Galeote worked in residency at the Art Center South Florida in Miami, Ignacio Evangelista in the Sonoran Institute of Culture (Hermosillo) and Andrew Pachon in the Image Center in Lima (Peru). Transvisiones 2015 also committed to new forms of artistic creation and one of the programme’s objectives is to promote the photo book as a legitimate form of artistic expression in itself.

Ignacio Evangelista is the author of the photo series “The Line on the Map”, that shows images of several areas of the border between Mexico and United States, crossed by the border fence. Quoting Evangelista’s words, “when we look at a map, we can see the boundary lines marking the borders between different states. Obviously, these lines are mental constructs that are not physically registered in the territory. However, in the case of the northwestern border between Mexico and the United States, that imaginary line map becomes tangible in the form of border wall. The fence I’ve been photographing in this project IS the line on the map.”

Evangelista’s images call certainly to mind questions of burning topicality like immigrations policies, protection or opening of national borders, socio-economic and cultural diversities.


For further information, visit:
Centro de Arte de Alcobendas website

Ignacio Evangelista:
“The Line on the Map”

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