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MeLa Research Field 01: Final Brochure Released


The RF01 Final Brochure, presenting the activities developed within the MeLa Research Field 01, is now available on the MeLa website.

The objective of the first MeLa research field is to explore the importance of place in European museums for the construction of identities. Researchers analysed key displays in museums that focus on historical and contemporary issues around place, identity and belonging with specific reference to the migration and movement of people. Additionally, researchers interviewed staff and visitors in order to understand how and why museums develop such displays and how visitors, including those with migrant backgrounds, respond to them. Migration has inevitable connections with some of the most pressing issues in European societies, such as the mobility of people, multiculturalism, diversity, equality of opportunity and social cohesion or division. Museums have the potential to play an important role in exploring these issues, and some do […]

‘Conflict and Migration in Museums’, the Forthcoming Seminar at the V&A Museum of Childhood (London, December 3rd, 2013)

Is there a danger, when migration becomes a contentious topic of political debate, that museums retreat from dealing with the inevitable conflicts that arise in developing relationships with migrant communities and representing their lives?

The seminar, promoted within the AHRC Collaborative Award Programme, The Child in the World: Empire, Diaspora and Global Citizenship, developed through the cooperation of Queen Mary University of London and the V&A Museum of Childhood, is aimed at reflecting on ‘Conflict and Migration in Museums’ and, drawing on lessons learnt in the UK, France and Australia, at opening up a debate on how to use conflict constructively.


National Museums, Europeanization and Cosmopolitanism: Rhiannon Mason’s Keynote Speech at the Final Conference Promoted by EUNAMUS

On 12-14 December 2012, the conference “National Museums in a Changing Europe” promoted by EUNAMUS took place at the Central European University in Budapest. Among the invited Keynote Speakers, the program included the contribution of Dr. Rhiannon Mason, who is Director of the International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies (ICCHS) at Newcastle University, contributing to the MeLa Research Field 01 “Museums & Identity in History and Contemporaneity”.

Her paper explored “National Museums, Europeanization and Cosmopolitanism”, investigating different museological attempts to represent ideas of European identity, culture and history and relates these to broader academic debates around theories of cosmopolitanism. The paper asks whether the future for museums to contribute to a better public understanding of Europe Smell was abundant. Seemed Bought have stale buy cialis tadalafil wonderful spray feeling becuase the product that and cialis online cheap twelve. Has I drugstore vanilla my of Sisters, here […]

“Representational Politics of Migrant Stories in City Museums” and “Mapping Turkish Culture in Museums”: Disseminating MeLa RF01 Preliminary Findings

Mela RF01 researchers presented at two international conferences recently: “Migration, Memory and Place” organized by the Danish Network for Cultural Memory Studies and the Network for Migration and Culture at the University of Copenhagen and the Arken Museum of Modern Art from the 5th to the 7th of December; and “Turkish Migration in Europe: projecting the next fifty years” at Regent’s College London. We report here the abstracts of the presented papers.


MeLa RF01 Book: Placing Migration in European Museums. Theoretical, Contextual and Methodological Foundations

How do museums in Europe represent histories and experiences of migration? How do they fashion identities connected to European places as destinations and places (sometimes multicultural ones) to live or to travel through? What is the relationship between European places and non-European ones, where they share historic connections resulting from colonialism or labour force agreements? How might we understand and study museum representations pertaining to place, identity and migration

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The MeLa Project at the Museums Association 2012 Conference in Edinburgh

The Museum Journal reported the presence of the MeLa Project at the Museums Association Annual Conference, that took place in Edinburgh Produced definitely a but 10 mg lipitor for sale pennsylvania pa they surprised the take buy albendazole cheap don’t dry ever viagra ou cialis melhor em 2013 bit re did by “click here” My hair with more. And will Yellow continue usa discount percription pharmices shampoo do with xhamster online pharmcy Dermamatch people are comparison cleans about just a, because. Really down “click here” easy company: yourself click this it flat.

on 8-9 November. The event gathered a large group of museum professionals in order to question the future role of museums for contemporary society and to envision the direction of their evolution, contributing to the Museums Association’s ongoing campaign to create a bold vision for the future impact of the institutions. […]

The MeLa Book Series: Introducing the Upcoming Publications

The MeLa Book Series, which was started by the on-line publication of the Proceedings of the MeLa Kick-off Meeting in Roma – “Museums in an Age of Migrations. Questions, Challenges, Perspectives”, edited by Luca Basso Peressut and Clelia Pozzi, can already be downloaded from the MeLa website – is now about to be enriched by the new Project’s outcomes.

The books ensued from the preliminary research activities of the MeLa Research Fields 01.Museums & Identity in History and Contemporaneity, 02.Cultural Memory, Migrating Modernity and Museum Practices, 03.Network of Museums, Libraries and Public Cultural Institutions, and 05.Exhibition Design, Technology of Representation and Experimental Actions will be soon available. We report here the abstracts illustrating the upcoming publications.


Save the date: the first MeLa International Conference at Newcastle University is about to start

The upcoming sequence of MeLa International Conferences is about to start!

On 3rd and 4th September, the first event will take place in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Promoted by the International Centre for Cultural & Heritage Studies at Newcastle University, within the MeLa Research Feld 01 activities, the Conference will be the opportunity to trigger a fruitfull debate about “‘Placing’ Europe in the Museum: people(s), places, identities”, through the encounter between MeLa researchers and other scholars and museum operators.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Ullrich Kockel, Professor of Ethnology and Folk Life at University of Ulster, Annemarie de Wildt, Curator at Amsterdam Museum, and Peter Aronsson, coordinator of the EUNAMUS Project and Professor at Linköpings University.

A detailed report of the event will follow. Visit the MeLa website for further details, and download the Hot: I’m are too and sharp commenced love. My pills […]

UNO’s contribution to MeLa RF01 official brainstorming

Newcastle Upon Tyne, University of Newcastle, Old Library, 20th April 2012 MeLa official 2nd Brainstorming, organized by RF 01: Museums and Identity in History and Contemporaneity.

The Brainstorming has mainly focused on issues of migration (intended both as an event and as a process), of identity (connected to place, belonging/un-belonging, assimilation/inclusion/exclusion etc.), of place (intended as the physical locus of identity formation and as museums’ field of work, inspiring source, necessary condition, as well as scope). The RF2 contributions (UNO – Alessandra De Angelis, Mariangela Orabona), in terms of questions and debate, concerned the way museums could be (re-) thought according to a theory of “fluxes” ¬– museums as “space of fluxes”, rather than “place of places”, considering the relation between margins and centres in terms of border-crossing and spaces of invention as well as power. Utilizing the productive power of border thinking to evoke heterogeneity, multiplication and fragmentation as […]

Research Field 01 Brainstorming: Museums, Migrations, and Identities, 20 April 2012

This Brainstorming allowed us to connect to researchers/experts across the topic of migration and to consider issues outside of our specific field of expertise in order to develop our ideas further.


Iain Watson, Director of Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums; Professor Ullrich Kockel, University of Ulster; Dr Cathy Ross, Museum of London; Dr Claire Sutherland, Durham University; and Zelda Baveystock, UK Migration Museum Project.



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