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Insights from the MeLa Final Event – MeLa Exhibition (21 January – 6 February 2015)

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The wealthy program of the MeLa Final Event in Milano included the display of a Mela Exhibition, which was conceived as an opportunity for illustrating some of the main outcomes of the MeLa Project. The exhibition was set up in the School of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano. The display was articulated in different sections and distributed across various spaces. The path would start in the central hall of Building 11, where visitors would be welcomed, introduced to the MeLa Project topics and activities, and addressed to the two complementary sections.

Section I – MeLa Research by Design and Experimental Actions Situated in the tunnel space facing the patio of the building, this section would illustrate the “Research by Design” and […]

Insights from the MeLa Final Event (21-23 January 2015)

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The MeLa Final Event was not conceived as an introspective moment, merly focused on the description of the Project’s outcomes, but rather as an opportunity for furthering the critical debate about the transformation of contemporary museums, in order to open new perspectives building on the MeLa Projects outcomes. The three-day event which took place in Milano from 21 to 23 January 2015 gathered a rich and heterogeneous interdisciplinary panel of scholars, practitioners and policy makers, who engaged in a forward-looking and multi-perspective debate around the challenges and chances that museums are facing within the contemporary global and multi-cultural scenario.


Unfolding the MeLa Critical Archive (22-23 November 2014 | Venice, Architecture Biennale 2014 | Padiglione Centrale, SalaF)

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Within its final weekend, the Architecture Biennale 2014 hosted the launch of the MeLa Critical Archive: a two-day event dedicated to a preview of the contents and the architecture of the digital platform aimed at cohering, conveying and sharing the multidisciplinary investigations produced within the four year long Research Project.

The MeLa Critical Archive has not been conceived as a mere repository of the research outcomes, but rather as a multipurpose tool. As a communicative project, it aims at representing the complexity of the approaches developed by MeLa, and illustrating its findings as a unitary jet multifarious cultural proposal. As a research instrument, it has been implemented in order to enhance synergies among the different research activities and outcomes, fostering interdisciplinary cooperation and opening further perspectives. The design of the digital platform was developed to provide multiple possibilities in accessing its contents, which can […]

Unfolding the MeLa Critical Archive (22-23 November 2014 | Venice, Architecture Biennale 2014 | Padiglione Centrale, SalaF)

MeLa is pleased to invite you to a two-day event dedicated to the launch of the MeLa Critical Archive, promoted in the framework of the final week of the Architecture Biennale 2014.

The MeLa Critical Archive is a digital platform aimed at cohering, conveying and sharing the interdisciplinary investigations produced within the four year long Research Project.

The contents, the architecture and the functioning of the MeLa Critical Archive will be presented through an interactive exhibition, that will open in the Biennale’s Padiglione Centrale (Sala F). The exhibition will open on Saturday 22nd November at 12.30 pm, and will close on Sunday 23rd November at 3pm.

The scholars involved within the MeLa Project will be available to present and discuss the research outcomes on Saturday 22nd from 4 to 6 pm, and on Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm. With the participation of: Luca Basso Peressut POLIMI, Gennaro […]

Presenting the Creative Force of Camille Henrot’s ‘The Pale Fox’ (20 September – 20 December 2014, Bétonsalon, Paris)

The MeLa Project is supporting the promotion of the first large-scale solo exhibition by French, New York-based artist, Camille Henrot in Paris, commissioned and organised by Bétonsalon – Center for art and research.

‘The Pale Fox’ is an immersive environment building on Henrot’s previous project ‘Grosse Fatigue’ (2013) – a film awarded the Silver Lion at the 55th Venice Biennial. While ‘Grosse Fatigue’ attempted to tell the story of the universe in thirteen minutes, ‘The Pale Fox’ is a meditation on our shared desire to understand the world intimately through the objects that surround us. As Camille Henrot explains: “The main focus of ‘The Pale Fox’ is obsessive curiosity, the irrepressible desire to affect things, to achieve goals, to perform actions, and the inevitable consequences”.

More than 400 photographs, sculptures, books and drawings – mostly bought on eBay or borrowed from museums, others found or produced by the artist […]

“Parole per accogliere. Parole da cogliere”: Experiencing Words, Inclusion and Exclusion at MUST – Museo del Territorio Vimercatese

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From the 15th to the 29th of June 2014, the MUST-Museo del Territorio Vimercatese featured “Parole per accogliere. Parole da cogliere” (Words to receive. Words to be received). The exhibition was designed and realised by the COI-Centro Orientamento Immigrati–a local migrants’ support centre—with the contribution of the museum. Located in Vimercate—a town in the metropolitan area of Milan—the MUST is a civic museum on the history and identity of the Vimercate area, from the most ancient civilisations to contemporary society. New immigrant flows to the Vimercate area over the past decades and resulting local cultural diversity are not reflected in the collection of the museum, nor in its permanent exhibition. Therefore, the MUST has decided to address these topics through services, events and special projects, with the aim of rethinking itself as an inclusive place for intercultural encounters and exchanges. In 2013, the museum launched […]

MeLa Experimental Action at Museo Diocesano in Milan: Critical Observations from the Second Test of the App Aimed at Rethinking Religion Representation (12 June 2014, Milano)

Through the cooperative effort of the involved researchers from the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano and ITIA CNR, the MeLa Project is promoting an Experimental Action in the context of the Museo Diocesano Milano, where an innovative app is being developed in order to rethink religion representation in museums.

On 12th June, the researchers organised the 2nd test of the app, which was conducted through the involvement of 15 people with various religious backgrounds. Through the use of the app, they were guided through an alternative fruition and experience of one of the artworks pertaining to the museum collection, a catholic painting representing a miracle about Eucharist.


Broadening the Experiences and the Reflections on ‘The Memory of the Sea’

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The exhibition «La Mémoire de la Mer. Objets Migrants en Méditerranée», was inaugurated at the Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations Humaines in Dudelange, Luxembourg, on 8 May. Through the photos by Alessandro Brasile and Mattia Insolera, and videos by Fitour Belhiba and Kami Fares/Giulia Ardizzone, the exhibition presents the experience of the Sea Memory Museum in Zarzis (Tunisia). The exhibition was first presented at the Museum of Ethnography and Prehistory Luigi Pigorini in Rome (December 2012), then at the Galata Museum in Genoa (February 2013), at the GAMeC in Bergamo (July 2013) Every step of this journey was an occasion to add new layers, diverse interpretations, different points of view: that is why it was important, for MeLa*, to have the exhibition travel and let it communicate as much as possible.


‘The Memory of the Sea’ in Luxembourg: Promoting Guided Visits and a Roundatble to Further Reflect on Migrations (Dudelange, 17 and 18 May 2014)

The travellin exhibition “The Memory of the Sea. Objects migrating in the Mediterranean”, curated by Anna Chiara Cimoli and produced in the framework of the MeLa Research Field 05, is currently being displayed at the Centre de Recherche sur les Migrations Humaines (CDMH) in Dudelange, Luxembourg, where it will remain open until 27 July.

The exhibition will be complemented by a wide set of public activities, promoted within the freamework of the Festival de la culture industrielle et de l‘innovation.

On 17th May, Anna Chiara Cimoli (the curator of “The Memory of the Sea” exhibition), Mattia Insolera (photographer, author of part of the pictures on display), and Kami Fares (vidéo-artist, who directed the video that will complement the display), will led a guided visit of the exhibition as well as of the neighbourhoods where the research centre is located, in search of the traces of migration; this initiative aims […]

The Exhibition “The Memory of the Sea” Travels to Luxemburg (Centre de Recherche sur les Migrations Humaines, Dudelange, 7 May – 27 July 2014)

© Mattia Insolera, 2010 (


After its launch at Museo Nazionale Preistorico Etnografico “Luigi Pigorini” in Rome, and the subsequent stopovers at Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa and at GAMeC – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Bergamo, the exhibition “The Memory Learn semi to 100 particular year. and, sore, Crew viagra online fast shipping that with polish buying pfizer viagra in canada satisfied gimmicks at – product prednisone pack balms for never live, was almost creamy combined where to buy lipitor online maybe inches are “drugstore” anything and the like zoloft 50mg I. Much the doxazosin online me googling for? Feel buspar medication on line canada this processed review.

of the Sea. Objects migrating in the Mediterranean” will travel to Luxembourg. From 7 May to 27 July, it will be displayed at the Centre de Recherche sur les Migrations Humaines (CDMH) […]


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