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Insights from the MeLa Final Event – MeLa Exhibition (21 January – 6 February 2015)

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The wealthy program of the MeLa Final Event in Milano included the display of a Mela Exhibition, which was conceived as an opportunity for illustrating some of the main outcomes of the MeLa Project. The exhibition was set up in the School of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano. The display was articulated in different sections and distributed across various spaces. The path would start in the central hall of Building 11, where visitors would be welcomed, introduced to the MeLa Project topics and activities, and addressed to the two complementary sections.

Section I – MeLa Research by Design and Experimental Actions Situated in the tunnel space facing the patio of the building, this section would illustrate the “Research by Design” and […]

Insights from the MeLa Final Event (21-23 January 2015)

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The MeLa Final Event was not conceived as an introspective moment, merly focused on the description of the Project’s outcomes, but rather as an opportunity for furthering the critical debate about the transformation of contemporary museums, in order to open new perspectives building on the MeLa Projects outcomes. The three-day event which took place in Milano from 21 to 23 January 2015 gathered a rich and heterogeneous interdisciplinary panel of scholars, practitioners and policy makers, who engaged in a forward-looking and multi-perspective debate around the challenges and chances that museums are facing within the contemporary global and multi-cultural scenario.


MeLa Final Event – Registration is Now Open (21-23 January | Milano, Italy)

MeLa – European Museums in an age of migrations will conclude its four year research programme with a three-day event, aimed at providing a critical overview on the main findings ensuing from its investigations and a forward-looking discussion about the future of European museums. A highly interdisciplinary panel of scholars and policy makers from all over the world will trigger a multi perspective debate, bringing together the latest insights on museums’ challenges and chances in the framework of the contemporary global and multi-cultural scenario. Download the programme from the MeLa website.

Attendance to the event is free, but registration is required as seats are limited.

Registration is now open at

The event is held in two different dates and locations: to participate in both days please make two different registrations. Access here the form to participate to the event on 22nd January at: Access here the […]

MeLa Experimental Action at Museo Diocesano in Milan: Critical Observations from the Second Test of the App Aimed at Rethinking Religion Representation (12 June 2014, Milano)

Through the cooperative effort of the involved researchers from the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano and ITIA CNR, the MeLa Project is promoting an Experimental Action in the context of the Museo Diocesano Milano, where an innovative app is being developed in order to rethink religion representation in museums.

On 12th June, the researchers organised the 2nd test of the app, which was conducted through the involvement of 15 people with various religious backgrounds. Through the use of the app, they were guided through an alternative fruition and experience of one of the artworks pertaining to the museum collection, a catholic painting representing a miracle about Eucharist.


‘Transfigurations’: The Forthcoming MeLa RF04 Exhibition to Reflect on Curatorial and Artistic Research in an Age of Migrations (20-26 June 2014, MACBA, Barcelona)

Within the framework of MeLa Research Field 04, the fieldwork developed by the Royal College of Art into curatorial and artistic research will culminate in the exhibition “Transfigurations: Curatorial and artistic research in an age of migrations”.

How are globalisation, digital media and changing patterns of migration affecting our understanding and experience of the contemporary work of art, and how are contemporary artists engaging with curators to think about the condition of the contemporary through their work, its display and collection? How are curators working with new forms of artistic production, particularly ‘immaterial’ works of art, that fall outside conventional forms of display, collection and archive?

This research exhibition brings together a rich group of international artists and curators:

• MACBA in Barcelona with curator Bartomeu Marí and artist Lawrence Abu-Hamdan • Bétonsalon in Paris with curator Mélanie Bouteloup and artist Camille Henrot • Whitechapel Gallery in London with […]

Research Field 06 Midterm Seminar Brochure: Envisioning 21st Century Museums


MeLa* Midterm Seminar Brochure, providing an overview of the contributions presented by MeLa Partners and museum pratictioners at the Midterm Seminar in Paris, “Let the Museum Speak,” is now available on the MeLa website.

Two years and a half after the MeLa Kick-off Meeting held at at Musei Capitolini and MAXXI in Rome, which inaugurated the beginning of the MeLa Project activities, the Midterm Seminar has represented an important milestone fostering introspection, dissemination, collection of new stimuli and planning of further tasks, as well as gathering new key findings through the coalescence of theories and practices.


MeLa Research Field 02: Final Brochure Released


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within the Research Field 02, is now available on the MeLa website.

The scope of Mela Research Field 02, investigating “Cultural Memory, Migrating Modernity and Museum Practices,” is that of exploring the complex interactions between the cultural formations of memory, belonging and contemporary museum practices in the light of migration. […]

MeLa Research Field 03: Final Brochure Released


The RF03 Final Brochure, presenting the activities developed within the Research Field 03, is now available on the MeLa website.

MeLa Research Field 03, which has investigated “Network of Museums, Libraries and Public Cultural Institutions”, aimed to leverage the power of cultural networks, for supporting European cultural institutions to better address contemporary challenges of globalisation, mobility, migrating heritage and cultural dialogue, and the use of Information and Communication Technologies. Desk and field research activities included several real-life case studies, surveys and interviews with scholars and practitioners, meetings with stakeholders and policy makers, an international workshop and an international conference, and various publications.


MeLa Research Field 01: Final Brochure Released


The RF01 Final Brochure, presenting the activities developed within the MeLa Research Field 01, is now available on the MeLa website.

The objective of the first MeLa research field is to explore the importance of place in European museums for the construction of identities. Researchers analysed key displays in museums that focus on historical and contemporary issues around place, identity and belonging with specific reference to the migration and movement of people. Additionally, researchers interviewed staff and visitors in order to understand how and why museums develop such displays and how visitors, including those with migrant backgrounds, respond to them. Migration has inevitable connections with some of the most pressing issues in European societies, such as the mobility of people, multiculturalism, diversity, equality of opportunity and social cohesion or division. Museums have the potential to play an important role in exploring these issues, and some do […]

MeLa On Air. The Project Presentation at “European Magazine” (h. 13:30, March 29th 2014)


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Francesca Lanz will present the MeLa Project during the programme “European Magazine” that will be broadcasted by the Polish Radio 2, from h. 13:30-14:00 (live streming at,Dwojka).

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