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MeLA project survey on collaborations between museums, libraries and public cultural institutions

The EU-funded project MeLA is developing multi-disciplinary resources for investigating major European public museums, supporting their collaboration with libraries and public cultural institutions, and helping them to address contemporary challenges of globalization, European integration, and new media.

In MeLA Research Field 03 (Network of Museums, Libraries and Public Cultural Institutions) we wish to find out experiences of collaborative projects between transnational museums, libraries and other cultural institutions, focusing on multiculturalism, migration and the use of new media. Our geographic focus at this stage is on transnational and/or national partnerships within Europe and/or at extra-European level.

An online survey is available at . The results of this survey will contribute to our investigation on innovative coordination strategies between museums and other cultural institutions, which will be presented to the European Commission.

Some information about this survey: – The survey consists of 30 research questions and it will take about […]

Conference report: “Sharing is Caring: Digitalized Cultural Heritage for All”

On Friday November 11, 2011 CIID participated in the seminar Sharing is Caring: Digitalized Cultural Heritage for All, hosted by the Association of Danish Museums (ODM), Danish Radio (DR), and National Gallery of Denmark (SMK).


Conference report: “Fare Museo Insieme. Reti e Sistemi per Vincere la Crisi.”



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On October 29th POLIMI-DPA attended the International Conference organized within the celebration of the ‘2011 Museum of the Year’ Prize promoted by ICOM Italia. Held in the remarkable Museum Complex Santa Maria della Scala, situated in front of the gothic Dome in Siena, this event provided the opportunity to meet some ICOM representatives, and to listen to their report about the role of museum networks as strategic agents in this critical age, when economic, political, and social changes are menacing the activities (and the survival) of cultural Institutions.


Seminar on the Use of ICT in the Communication of Cultural Heritage


[Show picture list] jQuery(‘#ngg-slideshow-06101675aa909bd192a705e92e4a9db5-9444845760-image-list’).hide().removeClass(‘ngg-slideshow-nojs’); jQuery(function($) { jQuery(‘#ngg-slideshow-06101675aa909bd192a705e92e4a9db5-9444845760’).nggShowSlideshow({ id: ‘06101675aa909bd192a705e92e4a9db5’, fx: ‘fade’, width: 670, height: 500, domain: ‘’, timeout: 4000 }); }); On October 27, 2011 CIID held a Seminar about the use of ICT in the communication of Cultural Heritage, under the framework of MeLa. A total of 14 people participated in the Seminar representing the following institutions: The Royal Library, The Music Museum under the National Museum, The National Museum, The Copenhagen Museum, Newcomers under the State and University Library, The State and University Library, Odense Library, Heritage Agency of Denmark, and The Danish Agency for Library and Media. The agenda and invitation for the Seminar was created in collaboration with Jakob Heide Petersen, Director of the Department of Libraries at the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media.



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