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The Museum of Innocence in Istanbul

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Cimoli (Polimi) visited the Museum of Innocence in Istanbul. Opened in April 2012 and born in parallel with the homonymous novel by Orhan Pamuk (2008), it is much more than a literary museum: it’s rather an amazing display of objects that tell the story of the two protagonists of the novel, Kemal and his beloved Füsun, of their replationship, and through them […]

Europe (to the power of) n – ‘Scenarios about Europe’

‘Europe(to the power of) n’ at the House der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Europe (to the power of) n is a collaboration between 10 institutions in Europe and beyond led by the Goethe Institut – with the RCA as an organising partner. The launch event leads on from a series of ‘Scenarios about Europe’ in 2011/12 at the GfZK in Leipzig, and begins a cycle of exhibitions, projects, conferences and publications in the partner institutions running

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179 Luoghi. Geografie della Migrazione e del Radicamento / 179 Places. Geographies of Migration and Rooting: Milano, 25-30 June, 2012

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ASNADA is an experimental school in Milan, located within the Dergano Bovisa Library, providing educative (especially Italian classes) and socio-cultural activities to the foreigner members of the local community, and in particular to immigrants, refugees and displaced people. The construction of the relationship with the new language is supported by collateral activities, such as theatrical experiences and arts&craft workshops.

One of these initiatives, developed within the project “Ci vediamo tutti in biblioteca!”, promoted by ASNADA and the Dergano Bovisa Library and fostered by the contribution of Comune di Milano and Fondazione Cariplo, turned out as an opportunity for a thought-provoking exhibition offering different points of view on such themes of migration, displacement, sense of belonging, undercover lives and travels.

The lens through which these topics are presented […]

UNO’s contribution to MeLa RF01 official brainstorming

Newcastle Upon Tyne, University of Newcastle, Old Library, 20th April 2012 MeLa official 2nd Brainstorming, organized by RF 01: Museums and Identity in History and Contemporaneity.

The Brainstorming has mainly focused on issues of migration (intended both as an event and as a process), of identity (connected to place, belonging/un-belonging, assimilation/inclusion/exclusion etc.), of place (intended as the physical locus of identity formation and as museums’ field of work, inspiring source, necessary condition, as well as scope). The RF2 contributions (UNO – Alessandra De Angelis, Mariangela Orabona), in terms of questions and debate, concerned the way museums could be (re-) thought according to a theory of “fluxes” ¬– museums as “space of fluxes”, rather than “place of places”, considering the relation between margins and centres in terms of border-crossing and spaces of invention as well as power. Utilizing the productive power of border thinking to evoke heterogeneity, multiplication and fragmentation as […]

RF03 case study at Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration, Paris, France

Perla Innocenti (University of Glasgow) continued the RF03 fieldwork research with a visit to the Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration, Paris in May 2012, and interviewed key staff members.

The Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration (CNHI) is the National Centre for Immigration History, in Paris, Franc. The project to create a place dedicated to the history and cultures of immigration in France dates back to the early 1980s, upon the persistent appeal of various associations and historians who founded an Association for a Museum of Immigration. A study prepared by the association Generiques at the request of the French Government in 2001 proposed the creation of a national centre of history and culture of immigration, whose implementation was open to a variety of forms, from a national networking centre to an open university or a museum. The project that would lead to the Cité Nationale de l’Histoire […]

MeLa Research Meeting and Seminar in Copenhagen

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June 1, the MeLa Partners gathered in Copenhagen for a three-days workshop. The first and last day of the workshop were devoted to internal discussions and working meetings, while on May 31 the second “MeLa Research Meeting and Seminar” took […]

ICOM 2016 General Conference to take place in Milan

The Advisory Committee of ICOM has selected the city of Milan as seat of its XXIV General Conference in 2016. Milan garnered the 66% of the votes, against Moscow’s 25% and Abu Dhabi’s 9%. The General conference – held every three years – is ICOM’s most awaited event, where more than 4.000 experts and museum professional meet for a whole week to exchange and discuss musum concerns.



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