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Curious Project Symposium 5-6 December, Glasgow, Scotland

The Curious Project symposium will be held on 5th and 6th December 2012 at St Mungo Museum, Glasgow Museums.

Curious is a three year participatory project aiming to ‘create intercultural dialogue and a legacy of increased understanding of each other, our city and our collections.’ The project, nearing its end, has included a community-led exhibition, learning programme in Cultural Awareness and strategies for intercultural dialogue, schools programme, events and volunteering opportunities. The symposium will reflect on the project, and interrogate assumptions underpinning collaborative museum work.

The project staff members are particularly interested in how to create rigorous research outcomes and upscale this type of participatory project.

On the first morning the sessions will explore the collaborative exhibition development, schools and learning programme that formed the

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Museums as Places for Intercultural Dialogue: “Brera, un’altra storia”, Experiencing Cultural Participation in Milano

On October 10th, the Pinacoteca di Brera housed the press conference of “Brera: un’altra storia”, a project promoted in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Culture, dedicated to the enhancement of the museum collections from an intercultural viewpoint. The project is meant as a field of application of the new ministerial policies on cultural participation, but it also represents the prosecution of a previous commitment developed by the Pinacoteca di Brera in conceiving the museum as a place for intercultural dialogue, “A Brera Anch’io“. As underlined by Emanuela Daffra, Director of Educational Services of the Pinacoteca, the project also follows the line traced by the program “OspitiDONOre“, promoted by the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bergamo in 2006, when a small group of new citizens were trained as museum guides in order to activate new museum narratives for the “new Italians”.


Symposium ‘Evolution der Informationinfrastuktur’, 20 September 2012, SUB Göttingen, Germany


Perla Innocenti (University of Glasgow) attended this interdisciplinary symposium on the evolution of information infrastructures: research &

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AEMI, Association of European Migration Institutions: The 2012 Conference in Krakow

[Show as slideshow] The MeLa POLIMI staff attended the annual AEMI conference, that took place in Krakow from 27 to 29 September. The conference was structured around two main themes: “How lessons from the past may help address questions related to migrations today”, and “Shaping Europe´s identity: Internal migrations – past and present”. Besides the papers presented by representatives of institutions, museums, archives and research centers, some workshops were focused on a few themes of particular interest for AEMI’s agenda, such as the European Migration Heritage Routes (chair: Antoinette Reuter, Sarah Clément), the preparation of a book about European migratory history (chair: Maddalena Tirabassi) and the MIGRAPort Project (chair: Hans Storhaug).



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