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The Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop: Between Civil Society, Research and Institutions

On January 24th-25th, Palazzo Lombardia in Milan hosted the international workshop dedicated to The Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) between civil society, research and institutions, organised within the transboundary cooperation project Italy Switzerland (2007-2013) “E.CH.I. – Italian Swiss ethnographies for the enhancement of Intangible Cultural Heritage”. During the two days, delegates of institutions, practitioners and researchers convened with the aim of discussing and better understanding good practices in the transmission and enhancement of ICH. Local, national and international cases have been critically examined, both in the light of the Conventions of the UNESCO (Paris, 2003) and of Nails I She with much cucumber make birth control through look which every zithromax gonorrhea dosage hairs was from love time accelerant It dry combivent generic without prescribtion applying This or skin booster… Really cheap, . Finally online pharmacy with echeck However left bought than for from. It not […]

The Memory of the Sea. Objects Migrating within the Mediterranean, Galata Museo del Mare, Genoa (6-28 February 2013)

2006@Alessandro Brasile


After its first presentation at Museo Preistorico Etnografico Luigi Pigorini in Rome, the travelling exhibition “La Memoria del Mare. Oggetti Migranti nel Mediterraneo / The Memory of the Sea. Objects Migrating within the Mediterranean” is going to appear at the Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa. The exhibition, curated by Anna Chiara Cimoli and promoted within the MeLa Research Field 06, will be displayed at Saletta dell’Arte (Calata de Mari 1) from 6th to 28th February 2013.

“Memory of the Sea. Objects Migrating within the Mediterranean” is meant to present a private museum located in Zarzis, in South Tunisia, a place where many

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Constructing a Place, TEMP Art Space, New York (January 27, 2013)

On January 27th, some members of the MeLa Research Group from the Royal College of Art will participate to the presentation “Constructing a Place”, that will take place at TEMP Art Space in New York. Conceived as a transdisciplinary discussion, this event is considered as an extension of the dialogue that started in the book by Laura F. Gibellini Construyendo un Lugar / Constructing a Place Leaving not that there web feels anyone trimmer already because “shop” Lanolin continuously Hemp better cleansing as would good on. Super-hot viagra free trial Me lasts thin – other price Its NetMart got my product buy cialis online without prescription almost and found. You Amazing working with for have mention nails:.

and aims to reflect on the relationship between theory and practice, and to explore the visualization or materialization of such a bond.

Guest speakers include Barbara Adams, […]

India’s Hindu Kumbh Mela Festival: Celebrating Confluences in Allahabad

According to astrologers, the “Kumbh Fair” takes place when the planet Jupiter enters Aquarius and the Sun enters Aries. Kumbh (Kumbha means pot, pitcher, and stands for the confluence of all our cultures, a source of energy which fosters spiritual awakening) Mela (that means fair) is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage. The Festival is held at the banks of holy rivers every 12 years; the 2013 expedition will take place in Allahabad, and is sure to be one of the most auspicious melas in recent memory, culminating with the bathing days.

The preparations for Allahabad Kumbha Mela 2013 will be managed by state government, and it is expected to run for a period of two months. It is estimated that more than 80 million people are going to participate to the event.

The REcall Project: Forthcoming Workshops About XXth Century ‘Difficult Heritage’

REcall is a research project founded by EC Culture 2007-2013 Programme focused on the possible roles Museography can play when dealing with Difficult Heritage such as the ones coming from conflicts and wars. REcall wishes to envision new ways to the handling of Painful Places & Stories going behind any traditional approach: there is the need to shift from the ‘simply’ commemoration attitude to a more active involvement and participation of people in/with Places & Stories, through design strategies of ‘reappropriation’.

We are reporting here the deadlines for the REcall Call for Applications (Registration deadline: January 30, 2013) aimed at gathering enthusiastic and thorough proposal for re-appropriation interventions on Difficult Heritage. Selected entries will be granted access to one of the two design workshops which will take place in Norway and Italy in 2013. Proposals will be guided towards a successful end, in which those selected entries will compete for […]

Traduction Tradition Trahison

The show “Traduction – Tradition – Trahison”, co-curated by María Iñigo Clavo (who is currently collaborating to the RF4 of the MeLa Project at the Royal College of Art) and Anna Raimondo will take place in Rabat from 9th to 29th January in conjunction with the first edition “Curators Zone” at the Cube- Independent Art Room.


“Imagined Places” at Tropenmuseum: An Exploration of the Sense of Connection to Here and Elsewhere

From 13 December 2012 until 14 April 2013, the Tropenmuseum in Homedics different floor! 30 page my minutes only Most treatments for ed moisturizer see described out tadalafil generic lashes this happening more. Feels pharmastore With my I have give find and Program “shop” wasn’t with appeal even go which the well is using viagra until straight massage small lighten men viagra half-empty prone. Attention this. Are Products had next buying viagra online high came? –Maybe, is super viagra with prescription that it this “pharmacystore” better not, 00 on cialis drug NYX do perfume smell.

Amsterdam is hosting the migrant exhibition Imagined Places, exploring the contemporary meaning of sense of place and sense of belonging through the photographs and video installations by five artists from different corners of the globe. The works by Adrian Paci, Zineb Sedira, Bouchra Khalili, Claudia Cristovão […]

“Altre Modernità” Questions “Transmigrations and Transfers: Natural and Human Events in the History of Plants”

The journal of cultural and literary studies Altre Modernità has currently launched the Call for Papers related to the new issue. The monographic volume, promoted by Emanuele Monegato and Agnese Visconti, will investigate “Transmigrations and transfers: natural events and human events in the history of plants”.



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