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Introducing the ‘After Schengen’ Photo Series

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The “After Schengen” photo series is about photographing some of the old border crossing points that still exist, abandoned and out of order, in some states of European Union.

Border crossings have a function of geographical boundaries, but also a coercitive role, since they prevent the free passage of people between one and another state. So, they are places that, along with a cartographic dimension, are provided with historical, economic and political reminiscences, aspects absolutely related to Landscape from a contemporary and transversal perspective.

These places that previously the Schengen treaty, delimited territories and in which the traveler had to stop and show his documents, currently appear as abandoned places, located in a space-time limbo, out of use and out of the time for which they were […]

Presenting the Creative Force of Camille Henrot’s ‘The Pale Fox’ (20 September – 20 December 2014, Bétonsalon, Paris)

The MeLa Project is supporting the promotion of the first large-scale solo exhibition by French, New York-based artist, Camille Henrot in Paris, commissioned and organised by Bétonsalon – Center for art and research.

‘The Pale Fox’ is an immersive environment building on Henrot’s previous project ‘Grosse Fatigue’ (2013) – a film awarded the Silver Lion at the 55th Venice Biennial. While ‘Grosse Fatigue’ attempted to tell the story of the universe in thirteen minutes, ‘The Pale Fox’ is a meditation on our shared desire to understand the world intimately through the objects that surround us. As Camille Henrot explains: “The main focus of ‘The Pale Fox’ is obsessive curiosity, the irrepressible desire to affect things, to achieve goals, to perform actions, and the inevitable consequences”.

More than 400 photographs, sculptures, books and drawings – mostly bought on eBay or borrowed from museums, others found or produced by the artist […]

“Parole per accogliere. Parole da cogliere”: Experiencing Words, Inclusion and Exclusion at MUST – Museo del Territorio Vimercatese

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From the 15th to the 29th of June 2014, the MUST-Museo del Territorio Vimercatese featured “Parole per accogliere. Parole da cogliere” (Words to receive. Words to be received). The exhibition was designed and realised by the COI-Centro Orientamento Immigrati–a local migrants’ support centre—with the contribution of the museum. Located in Vimercate—a town in the metropolitan area of Milan—the MUST is a civic museum on the history and identity of the Vimercate area, from the most ancient civilisations to contemporary society. New immigrant flows to the Vimercate area over the past decades and resulting local cultural diversity are not reflected in the collection of the museum, nor in its permanent exhibition. Therefore, the MUST has decided to address these topics through services, events and special projects, with the aim of rethinking itself as an inclusive place for intercultural encounters and exchanges. In 2013, the museum launched […]


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