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“INTIMACY” through Digital Interaction: “Paraflows.9” – Arts and Digital Cultures Festival ( 11 September – 12 October 2014 | Künstlerhaus, Viena)

The series of exhibitions, concerts, symposium and final event that occurred in the Vienna’s Cultural Center – Künstlerhaus, between September 11th and October 12th, intends to assess the situation with regard to privacy, explore the changes which have been brought about the latest developments of the digital age, and the consequent reactions of society to these changes.

The preliminary considerations on Paraflows.9: Intimacy reflect the digital problem of distance and proximity in human evolution and interactivity – within the role of digital media, social media platforms, emotional connection with things and devices, and the participation on the network as an important part of human development and relationships.But this thematic motto reveals what are the consequences of this substitution of human affinity by a love for the object? Technology emerges like an emotional and technical way of creating moments, breaking the space-time gap between like-minded people – but […]

‘Mémoires Tribulantes, Carnets d’Objets Sans Frontière’: Travel Notebooks as Objects Without Borders (20 September to 10 October | Musèe de l’Histoire de l’Immigration – Hall Marie Curie, Paris)

©Photo by Les Carnettistes tribulants

Encompassed in the 31st European Heritage Days 2014, the free entrance exhibition comes to offer the audience a discovery journey of the exhibition “Mémoires Tribulantes, carnets d’objets sans frontière”*, reinterpreted by a collective of artists, and transformed into an ethnographic collection. On the 9th of March of the present year, 11 artists were encouraged to create travel diaries from the resources of the Musée de l’histoire de l’immigration: ethnographic collections, objects, artefacts and testimonies. It was, rather than to illustrate a story, create a fiction about the diversity of migratory life journey by magnifying it. The performance took place in the forum where each “Carnettiste” will be surrounded by the public who can dialogue with him and participate in the realization of the book and by the different artists with multiple graphic sensibilities. Thereafter, the residence of “Carnettistes Tribulants” (namely a person with a […]


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