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Fully-funded PhD on ‘Innovative methods and tools for sustainable curation, access and reuse of Digital Heritage’

Applications are welcomed for a fully-funded PhD position in Cultural Heritage and Information Science at Northumbria University, UK – closing date 31st March 2015.

This interdisciplinary PhD project will explore innovative ways to digitally provide curation, access and reuse Europe’s cultural heritage resources within the context of cultural dialogue, tourism and cultural industries. The aim of the project is to evaluate methodologies and approaches leading to richer interpretations of European heritage and cultural identity in the digital arena, and to bring new perspectives to the creation of applications and services for digital cultural assets.


Insights from the MeLa Final Event – MeLa Exhibition (21 January – 6 February 2015)

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The wealthy program of the MeLa Final Event in Milano included the display of a Mela Exhibition, which was conceived as an opportunity for illustrating some of the main outcomes of the MeLa Project. The exhibition was set up in the School of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano. The display was articulated in different sections and distributed across various spaces. The path would start in the central hall of Building 11, where visitors would be welcomed, introduced to the MeLa Project topics and activities, and addressed to the two complementary sections.

Section I – MeLa Research by Design and Experimental Actions Situated in the tunnel space facing the patio of the building, this section would illustrate the “Research by Design” and […]

Insights from the MeLa Final Event (21-23 January 2015)

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The MeLa Final Event was not conceived as an introspective moment, merly focused on the description of the Project’s outcomes, but rather as an opportunity for furthering the critical debate about the transformation of contemporary museums, in order to open new perspectives building on the MeLa Projects outcomes. The three-day event which took place in Milano from 21 to 23 January 2015 gathered a rich and heterogeneous interdisciplinary panel of scholars, practitioners and policy makers, who engaged in a forward-looking and multi-perspective debate around the challenges and chances that museums are facing within the contemporary global and multi-cultural scenario.



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