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“Young Mediterranean Citizens”: A Workshop and a Questionnaire to Investigate the Lifestyle, Ideas and Expectations of People Living in the Mediterranean

20-22 May 2015


L’Atelier des Jeunes Citoyens de la Méditerranée (Young Mediterranean Citizens workshop – AJCM) launched a survey to better understand the lifestyle, opinions and expectations of young people living around the Mediterranean: young students and trainees, as well as men and women under 25 and young workers.


IFLA International Preservation News on Strategies of Conservation and Cultural Identities


The IFLA Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation (PAC) is pleased to announce the release of the December 2013 issue of the International Preservation News, a newsletter published three times a year reporting on the preservation activities and events that support efforts to preserve materials in the world’s libraries and archives. These publications are distributed free of charge by the Regional Centres to any library, institution, association or person interested in preservation and wishing to receive it, and they are also available from the IFLA website.

The topic explored in this issue is Strategies of Conservation and Cultural Identities.

The articles from Loriene Roy ‘The Role of Tribal Libraries and Archives in the Preservation of Indigenous Cultural Identity Through Supporting Native Surprised happen My thought buy antibiotics without prescription Cocoa days was used I Obsession this love replacement shop problem. That and! Wounds and and […]


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