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100 portraits of exile, the search for identity of Armenian refugees


“100 portraits de l’exil, la quête d’identité des réfugiés arméniens” (100 portraits of exile, the search for identity of Armenian refugees) is the title of an on-going exhibition at the Musée d’Histoire de Marseille (19 March – 27 September 2015). The exhibition is a coproduction of the Mayor of Marseille, the Association Recherche et Archivage de la Mémoire arménienne (ARAM), and the Marseille History Museum, conducted as part of the commemorations of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide of 1915.


Human Zoos. L’invention du sauvage

Museum the Quai Branly, Paris (visit on February 2012)

Using paintings, posters, pictures, computers, movies and a few objects, the exhibition (developed along a circular path) has not really any special features: it would be necessary to visit the show a second time two enter more critically in the exhibition design even it is possible to say that the very dark atmosphere seams to be more linked to the savage exhibition effect than to the one of a new way to approach the subject. At the opposite, all the texts (not always easy to read due the darkness and the font size) are very carefully and correctly written, paying a meaningful tribute to the cause of the postcolonial studies with a strong critics to French, and more in general Western, world when referring to ‘the Other’, the outsider, always presented as a un-civilized or sub-human entity.

Of a very […]


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