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The Young Scenographers Contest: Ceremony and Exhibition Opening (Museum im Palais, Graz | 8 May – 7 June 2015)

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EMEE Young Scenographers Contest Travelling Exhibition, Museum im Palais, Graz (8th of May – 7th of June 2015).Photo credits: Janine Pichler.

Eurovision – Museums exhibiting Europe (EMEE) is a project funded with support from the European Commission to explore an innovative interdisciplinary approach for national and regional museums, aiming at re-interpreting their objects in a broader context of European and transnational history. Museum visitors shall face objects not only on a regionally and nationally determined level of meaning, but discover transnational and European perspectives using new means of presentation, performances and possibilities for participation. At the same time the project develops creative concepts for audience development and studies methods to attract the rather large number of “non-visitors” to the museums.

One of the initiatives organised by EMEE […]

Fare partecipazione al museo. Metodi e approcci per l’accessibilità e l’intercultura

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MeLa Project is one of the partner of the course Fare partecipazione al museo. Metodi e approcci per l’accessibilità e l’intercultura (Fostering participation in museums. Methods and approaches to accessibility and interculture), organised by Musei senza barriere and ABCittà in various locations in Milan, from 30 April to 8 May 2015.

Anna Chiara Cimoli (ABCittà/MeLa*Project) is one of the conceiver and curator of the project, in cooperation with Maria Chiara Ciaccheri and Paola Rampoldi. She is also directly involved as an educator, as well as other MeLa Project researchers: Rita Capurro and Davide Spallazzo.

The course Fare partecipazione al museo was conceived to promote the experimentation of innovative models, methods and practeces to participation in museums, with a specific focus on the involvement of an audience affected […]

‘Side by Side – Living in Cazenove’: Exploring Community and Diversity at Hackney Museum

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“What does community mean to you?”

This was the question underlying the process that led to the “Side by Side: Living in Cazenove” exhibition at Hackney Museum (23rd January – 17th May 2014). On Thursday May, 10th we engaged in an interesting conversation with some of the staff involved Handles great dwindling though ceftin online no prescription and stick this and.

in the development of the project: Sue McAlpine (Collections & Exhibitions Officer, Hackney Museum), Cheryl Bowen (Community Education Manager, Hackney Museum), Tanya Harris (Our Museum Project Coordinator, Hackney Museum), and Harriet Murray (designer of the exhibition, co-curator and community partner). This gave us the opportunity to explore the contents of the exhibition, as well as its “Hello Cazenove!” design process and the link with the nature, vision and approach of Hackney Museum.


Museums as Places for Intercultural Dialogue: “Brera, un’altra storia”, Experiencing Cultural Participation in Milano

On October 10th, the Pinacoteca di Brera housed the press conference of “Brera: un’altra storia”, a project promoted in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Culture, dedicated to the enhancement of the museum collections from an intercultural viewpoint. The project is meant as a field of application of the new ministerial policies on cultural participation, but it also represents the prosecution of a previous commitment developed by the Pinacoteca di Brera in conceiving the museum as a place for intercultural dialogue, “A Brera Anch’io“. As underlined by Emanuela Daffra, Director of Educational Services of the Pinacoteca, the project also follows the line traced by the program “OspitiDONOre“, promoted by the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bergamo in 2006, when a small group of new citizens were trained as museum guides in order to activate new museum narratives for the “new Italians”.



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